Flourishing through an abundance of India’s Flora and Fauna, Ayurveda has nurtured those in need of care for thousands of years. Red Rose Cassia is used to cure liver, Tulsi for common cold and Jeera for its fever. Each shares healing properties derived from either its roots, leaf, fruit, bark or seed. Vana features hand painted botanicals transferred digitally to hand woven silk ; each appear to form their own trellis , becoming a new version of ornamental adornment and moreover acknowledging their vital role in the cure of our ailments.

Amaltas sari , Aaranya blouse

Gulkand sari , Aaranya blouse

Baadi sari , Aaranya blouse

Narita sari , Guldasta blouse

Narita sari , Baadi blouse

Baadi sari

Kali sari , Aaranya blouse

Narita sari , Gulkand blouse

Vanmali sari

Guldasta sari , Guldasta blouse

Baagh sari , Aaranya blouse

Vanmali sari , Aaranya blouse