Sanjay Garg Spring Summer 2016 notes the ephemeral days in which trees haze green and buds remain clenched pre-bloom, as nature finds new roots through those older. In anticipation of summer's blaze to come, this capsule collection uses Chanderi and Organza to keep the body cool - as does the use of white, ivory, gold and blush. It features a singular bud motif, woven on a handpicked jaala and inlaid into the weave using an extra weft. Seams are laboriously joined with the introduction of silk/cotton gold tissue.

Nehmat kurta

Iman kurta

Leena jacket

Shazia kurta

Leena jacket , Karimah pant

Hamedah lehega , zaida blouse , anar buta odhani

Tanira lehenga , Kopal blouse

Leena jacket

Husna lehenga , Zaida blouse , Leena jacket

Jahedah jacket

Nehmat kurta

Deena kurta

Husna lehenga