Monkey Business

Most often the mischief-maker or more unfortunate still, a synonym for being made a fool; monkeys bear quite the reputation. Quite literally, our brethren, have been considered merry makers and rascals for far too long. Often overshadowed by the elephant and peacock, whose giant trunks and coloured plumage lend themselves towards being immortalised on saris, plates and as emblems of India; the monkey has decided to steal the show. Playful as they seem, they are intelligent, sharp and clever; holding an undeniable place of honour in Hindu mythology and Buddhism, famously protecting the gods or adorning the Sanchi Stupa of Madhya Pradesh. Colours of the Tibetan prayer flag highlight troops of monkeys woven in Banarasi silk brocades, embroidered on cotton silks and quilted in a delightful array of textures and weights. The result is gamine; luxuriously playful wide legged trousers with extra deep pockets and garments constructed through minimal seams.

Dhinman Kurta, Butsuju Trouser

Bodhi Sari, Baika Sari, Ayona Sari

Anyona Sari

Nihir Kurta, Jampa Trouser

Dashin Kurta

Yeti Jacket, Satorai Sari

Aneri Blouse, Akshi Lehenga, Hiba jacket

Duyu Jacket

Genko Shirt

Baika Sari, Bassui Blouse, Ayona Sari, Nami Blouse

Bodhi Sari

Baika Shirt, Banhi Trouser, Danan Jacket

Banhi Trouser

Akshi Lehenga, Hiba Jacket

Trisha Dress

Laisa Skirt, Chimon Shirt

Sanzen Sari

Baika Sari, Hemkut Blouse

Baika Shirt, Butsuju Trouser, Duyu Jacket

Rasali Dress

Dorin Trouser, Bankei Kurta

Yamari Skirt, Druki Blouse