Flowers that bloom after the sun sets and nocturnal animals who awaken in the eve, in Midnight the colors of darkness come alive. Akin to miniature paintings they depict its finer and elaborate details - especially a dramatic mood brought about based on the absence of light. In this second edition of Vana, our collection of hand painted plants digitally transferred onto sheer silks speak to the night hues of purples, blues and charcoals. Our perspectives are most often made during daylight, but half our lives are spent otherwise: a time thriving with life, rejuvenation and strength.

Moonshine Sari

Umbra Sari, New Moon Blouse

Raat Ki Rani Sari

Nocturnal Sari

Raat Ki Rani Sari, Suha Shirt

Sapphire Kurta, Shadow Pajama

Night Sari, New Moon Blouse

Moon River Sari

Aglow Shirt, Stellar Skirt, Beam Jacket,

Shadow Sari

Lunar Sari

Lunar Sari

Eve Sari

Raat Ki Rani Sari

Night Sari