Sanjay Garg Festive 2018 recalls the shared culture of pre-partition Punjab through Heer’s bridal festivities. Set against Patiala’s Baradari Palace, Heer partakes in her wedding without the fuss for today’s finery and acknowledges tradition while making some her own. Knee length Kurtas, floor grazing Sharara’s and draped silk satin odhani’s are worn by family and friends, who revel in the present through times past. Textiles draw from vintage archival Varanasi silk brocades featuring motifs that gain meaning through history, culture and context. Leaves of the neem tree, geometric lattices and floral trellises add weightless ornamentation and are embedded in the richness of mustard yellow, rani pink, magenta, red, pale pink and rama green.


ruhi blouse, marigold sari (L) neer sari (R)

sudha kurta, kishavi, all over gold odhani

ABHARNA KURTA, subha pant

sandhya kurta, nitya sharara

rridha odhani, baukha lehenga

draupadi odhani (L) leda blouse, nazneen sari (R)

chitra kurta, draupadi odhani, daman sharara

rridha blouse, baukha lehenga

sauamya lehenga set

adiya odhani, anugya lehenga

nizakat sari

rohini kurta, sagana odhani, revti sharara

rridha blouse, saangh odhani, balyani lehenga

sagana odhani, daman sharara

sagani odhani, sindoori lehenga

kamesi kurta, sagana odhani, daman sharara

amoha blouse, sagana odhani, sanmi lehenga

rasika dress

ruhi gota blouse, vinodini jacket, shambhu lehenga

ruhi blouse, sagana odhani, saumya lehenga

scallop sari (L) bhavika kurta, sagana odhani (R)

adiya sari

ruhi blouse, sajili odhani

shamli blouse, poppy sari

nazneen sari

aadhya kurta

marigold sari

nazneen sari, abheesha lehenga

gayatri blouse, drakshan sari

ruhani kurta, asmi pant (L) aaditri kurta (R)

muzh odhani, saahi lehenga

parvati kurta (L) aadhya dress (R)

kamesi kurta, muhz odhani, vimoha sharara

kamesi kurta, adhira odhani, kisori sharara (L) radhika kurta, rajshri odhani, niti sharara (R)

reva kurta, muzh odhani, vimoha sharara

leda blouse, rajshri odhani, balyani lehenga

reva kurta, aaral pant (L) naznnen sari (R)

arshi sari

neer sari (L) shamli blouse, goyli lehenga (R)

ruhi blouse, poppy sari

nidra dress

muzh sari (L) neer sari (R)

ruhi blouse, adiya sari

parvati kurta

suhasini dress

radhika kurta, aaral pant

parvati kurta, vimoha sharara

adiya sari

aabharna kurta

all over gold odhani, kumkum lehenga

aaditri kurta, aaral pant

all over gold odhani, kumkum lehenga

neer sari