A splash of gulabi, lime green, and Raw Mango’s quintessential color blocking - our love for color surfaces this summer. Taking a cue from the daily life of Rajasthan and filled with chintz florals, our garments feature silhouettes with delicate necklines and soft pleating at the wrists and ankles. Brocades are filled with cotton on the weft, instead of zari, and textiles are filled with thousands of roses.

Mandakini Kurta, Purnima Pants (L) Mandakini Kurta, Pants (R)

Yashoda Jacket, Kusum Blouse

Kamla Sari, Kusum Blouse

Kamla Sari, Kusum Blouse

Vasanti Lehenga, Deepa Blouse

Kalidar Kurta, Leelawati Pant

Kamla Sari, Kusum Blouse

Tanushree Kurta, Leelawati Pant

Barsha Kurta, Leelawati Pant

Kamla Sari, Gowri Blouse

Bindiya Kurta, Savitri Pants

Tanushree Kurta

Heena Jacket, Roopwati Lehenga

Vasanti Lehenga, Bela Blouse

Kajal Kurta, Savitri Pants (L) Kajal Kurta, Leelawati Pant (R)